The future development of Chinas powder coating industry is still not optimistic

    In recent years, although the output of China's powder coatings has grown rapidly, looking at the powder market, both output and sales occupy domestic positions. They are still foreign powder coating companies, such as AkzoNobel, DuPont Huajia, and Nippon Powder Coatings. And domestic powder coatings companies are still struggling, and price wars have appeared on the market without interruption.

    As a kind of environmentally friendly coatings, the demand for powder coatings has continued to increase in double digits in recent years. In 2007, the national powder coating production and sales reached 800,000 tons, an increase of nearly 20% year-on-year. However, due to the financial crisis, shrinking demand, severe overcapacity and other factors, in 2008, the national powder coating production and sales were less than 700,000 tons, which was higher than The annual decline has dropped by 13%, and there has been a rare negative increase in recent years. At present, more than 60% of the companies operate at a small profit, and more than 20% of them are in trouble.

    由于 Due to its 4E characteristics, powder coatings can be fully converted into coating films. Its advantages such as high coating efficiency, good protection and decorative comprehensive properties, etc. have attracted wide attention worldwide, and have achieved rapid development. Its carbon footprint during production and construction is relatively small, in line with the direction of sustainable development.

    Moreover, China's powder coating industry, which has experienced the baptism of the financial crisis, is full of bumpy roads in the future. The shadow of the impact of the financial crisis in Europe and the United States will not be eliminated in the short term. Foreign powder coating brands have set their sights on China and explored the Chinese market. AkzoNobel's sixth powder coatings plant in China has recently started production in Wuhan. Foreign companies have good brand awareness, stable product performance, and strong R & D capabilities. In the face of huge advantages, the Chinese powder coating market has opened its arms and occupied the Chinese powder coating market. In contrast, domestic powder coating factories generally occupy the low-end market of powder coatings with low product quality and low prices.

    The powder coating industry is more and more adapted to the resin epoxy flooring industry. The resin epoxy floor powder coating industry with excellent performance, environmental protection and green characteristics is adapting to the needs of the application industry by accelerating technological progress, and has also opened up many new application markets. With the continuous development and penetration of powder coatings in the epoxy flooring industry market, powder coatings manufacturers are paying more attention to the elimination of coating film defects, reducing coating film thickness, improving coating flatness, and adding more coating colors. International D epoxy resin powder coatings giant Pont Powder Coatings focuses new technology development on particle size control of powder coatings, improves powder construction stability, improves anti-scratch and durability of coatings, reduces coating curing temperature, saves energy, and improves coatings. Loading speed and improved adhesion of fusion epoxy. The development direction of resin epoxy floor powder coatings is mainly focused on improving performance-providing products that can be cured at 275 to 300 ° F, improving coating film performance and appearance, improving coating weather resistance, reducing coating film thickness, and Painting of heavy machinery, such as construction equipment.

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