Development direction of Chinas coatings industry: water-based and functional

    Development towards water

    Now the world's coatings structure is developing towards VOC reduction, and water-based coatings are one of them. The proportion of traditional solvent-based coatings in China has gradually decreased, and the development rate of water-based coatings is also fast. However, low-grade polyvinyl alcohols still account for a large proportion. Improving the quality of water-based coatings and developing new varieties are important links to consolidate and develop water-based coatings. Focus on research and development should be based on vinyl acetate-acrylic copolymer emulsion, styrene-acrylic copolymer emulsion and pure acrylic series latex coatings as the main material, and strive for durability, film smoothness, fullness, construction, decoration There are some breakthroughs in terms of performance; for more mature epoxy emulsions and water-based polyurethane water-based binders, we should continue to study high-performance water-based coatings to meet some special requirements.

    Towards functionalization

    At present, in addition to the current low-quality functional coatings such as fire protection, anti-virus, pest control, pest control, heat insulation, etc., we should intensify our efforts and carry out scientific research, and we should also step up research and solve difficult and new problems in building decoration. problem. Composite technology will be an effective way to improve and meet various functions.

    First, the composite function. For example, the elastic function and the respiratory function are compounded: the excellent elastic emulsion is compounded with the microshell ultrafine particles modified by the surface of the hydrophilic functional group, so that the elasticity ability and the moisture permeability coexist. Composite of elastic function and low pollution function: Compound normal temperature reaction type emulsion with coating film hydrophilic technology. By using reaction latex with large cross-linked molecular weight, increase elongation and film density, and combine elastic function with low pollution .

    Second, strengthen the basic research on acid rain-resistant coatings, solve the problem of acid rain corrosion of buildings, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in the combination of base material composite technology and related additives, and solve the problem of China's increasingly severe acid rain corrosion of buildings. problem.

    Third, the modification function of the base material is compounded, and the existing base material is modified with some special properties and compounded with the special function. For example, the weather resistance of silicone-modified acrylic is combined with the moisture permeability of moisture-cured polyurethane to achieve the dual special function.

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