Main uses of glycidyl methacrylate

    The GMA molecule has two functional groups: active vinyl group and ionic reactive epoxy group. It can be polymerized as a functional group or as an ionic reaction. Therefore, it can be used for ethylene-based polymers and polycondensation polymers. Modified, GMA can intervene in polymerization in three ways. One is to make the epoxy group on the branched chain during the polymerization of ethylene, that is, "O" type polymer [2]; It is located on a branched chain, that is, a "V" polymer [3]; the third is that a compound with active hydrogen reacts with GMA to open a ring on the epoxy group to form a chain. Using any of the three methods described above, the polymer is modified during polymerization. In coatings, due to the addition of GMA, it can improve the hardness, gloss, adhesion and weather resistance of the coating film. It can be used in acrylic coatings, acrylate coatings, alkyd resin coatings, vinyl chloride resins and certain water-based coatings.

    Used in adhesives and non-woven fabrics. When used in acrylic emulsions, it can improve its adhesion to metals, glass, cement, polyvinyl fluoride, etc .; when used in non-woven fabrics made of synthetic latex, it does not affect the hand feel. In the case, the washing resistance is improved. When used in the processing of synthetic resin materials, it can improve its spray moldability and extrusion moldability, and significantly improve the adhesion between resin and metal. Used for synthetic fibers. For poorly dyed fibers, it can improve its tinting strength, improve its color fastness, and improve its ability to prevent wrinkles and shrinkage. This product can improve the sensitivity, resolution and corrosion resistance of photosensitive resin. This product is grafted with polyolefin to improve tensile strength and flexural strength. In addition, this product can also be used as raw materials for ion exchange resins, chelating resins, medical selective filtration membranes, anticoagulants, dental materials, and non-soluble adsorbents. Also used for rubber modification.

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